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NEWS & Updates

25 Apr, 2024:

GOSchool Mobile App Update

The latest version of GOSchool Mobile App has been update on the GOOGLE PlaystoreLatest Version : 7.0.28whats New on the Update are, SDK Update, Security Enhancement, Fee Notification

20 Jun, 2020:

GOSCHOOL Mobile app Launched

GOSchool Mobile Appplication for Student and Parent has been launch on beta Version. School can have special access of Beta Vesrion of the Application. Contact KokSamlai Solutions to avail the access.

15 Jun, 2020:

GOSCHOOL platform launched in the Cloud

GOSchool Platform is now activated as on Enterprise Solution as GOSchool. A complete set up of softwares, CMS, ERP, MOBILE App, Integration as one Enterprise Solution especially designed for Schools and Institution.

02 Feb, 2020:

KokSamLai to rename it school Managemet Software

KokSamLai Solution will be discarding the School Management Software Name, it will be rebranded and integarted as a part of GOSchool. The new services will have all the facilities provided in earlier School Managment System. New enhancment and feature are being integrated for better solutions

10 Jan, 2020:

KokSamLai solution will be releasing Mobile Application for GOSchool

KokSamLai Solution is currently Beta testing a new mobile application. This application will provide informtion access to Stakeholder on thier functions related with the school. The Mobile application will be shortly release to current as a part of beta testing

19 Oct, 2013:

GOSchool Launched with celebration of 1st Anniversary School Management Software

To celebrate the 1st Anniversary of School Management Software of KokSamLai Solutions will launch GOSchool - A portal exclusive created for the Educational Institution. It will act a social networking site for the educational Institutions where the Institutions will be able to create and maintain their own page free without any charges. It will be ...