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GOSchoolTM - ERP

GOSchoolTM ERP is the flagship product of KokSamLai Solutions, a school Resource management software. It is a simple technology solution specifically created for school to simplify the school Management. It utilizes the latest technology to facilitate a new managerial experience for the stake holder of the school (Chairman, Director, Principal and Teachers, Administrator of a School and Parents).

In an era where technology plays a pivotal role in every area of the society, GOSchoolTM ERP comes to Schools giving them a better management experience for all functionalities(Admission, Attendance, Exams, Fees, co-curricular activities and assists in the various discipline) of the School.

The Modules offered in GOSchoolTM ERP are as follows:

  1. Multiple School Management
    This Module handle Multiple School Management in one Installation. For Group of Institution Manage multiple School in one Installation
  2. System utilities / Administration (Core)
    Set up and customized GOSchoolTM ERP as per your school process/ management. Define and Manage the School as per school Affiliation and requirement
  3. User Dashboard and Reporting
    All Stakeholder have their individual login access to GOSchoolTM ERP which allows them to access Information and Overview it in a Single Window
  4. Admission Module
    Manage Student Admission and Student user creation in a single screen, with provision to capture Student and Parent information for interaction
  5. Fee Management
    Manage your Student Fee collection with Smart payment system and defaulter Generator. Define your fee structure with our fee Template customizer
  6. Academics Module
    Manage Student Academic details, Generate Scholastic and Co-scholastic report as per the Affiliation formats. View Track Student Academic Performance Records
  7. Time Table Management
    Manage School Timetable, assigned staff to class, section and subject, integrate with staff Attendance and Manage class and Teacher substitution.
  8. Examination and Promotion
    Schedule examination, Generate Hall Ticket and conduct examination, manage student Marks and Grade and generate student Report card on once click.
  9. Event & Calendar
    Create Holidays and Event, Manage schedule through the Academic Calendar session calendar. Display Events, Examination, Holidays and Dues in the calendar
  10. Import Export Tool
    Manage Student data through import facility, a single click allows all the data to be imported and the profile of the student is created automatically
  11. Information Portal - Student and Staff (Online/offline)
    Deployed and Manage school information portal for Stakeholder for ease of access of information for stakeholder
  12. Certificate Designer and Generator
    Create and Manage Certificate template (Unlimited) for School. Design and Generate Certificate for Student and Staff with a Single Click
  13. Question Paper Generator
    Create content by you school staff. Generate Question and Answer Bank. Generate Examination Question paper with a single Click.
  14. Staff Management (Basic)
    Manage All employee Staff (Teaching and Non-teaching staff) Profile in a Single window form admission to exit. Track attendance and Leave Management
  15. SMS module
    Define and Manage Your own School SMS template whether transactional or promotional SMS. Send Automatic/Manual Notification to Staff and Student
  16. ID Card Generator
    The Most User Friendly ID Card Software Powerfull, Fast and easy to operate bulk id card for students and staff
  17. Hr and Payroll
    Automate and simplify your HR operations with our easy-to-use and customizable HR and Payroll Module.
  18. Accounts & Sale
    It serves the purpose of accounting, sales, purchase, inventory of school
  19. Library
    Automate your Library with Library Module
  20. Hostel Management
    Manage school Hostel with Hostel Module
  21. School Bus Route Management
    Manage your school bus service and route managment and fee collection

GOSchoolTM ERP Salient Features

  1. Management Dashboard: The school Management view the school data at different Level
  2. User time table: User can view their time table in the school
  3. Custom Certificate Designer: School can Design and generate Customized certificates
  4. Fee collection: fee collection with Smart Pay feature, automatically calculate the fees with higher priority and make the payment
  5. Student Academic History: Student academic History can be view and analysed data
  6. SMS Integration: Transactional and promotional SMS with Unique School ID
  7. Question Bank: Upload and Generate Exam Question
  8. CBSE & ICSE Examination Report: Scholastic and Co Scholastic Reports as per the affiliation type.

GOSchoolTM - CMS

Make your school's website with GOSchoolTM CMS which directly manage a dynamic website providing a tool to personalized content to all your stakholders. With our CMS designed specifically for independent schools you will find Consistent layout and style between your public website and internal portals (Student, Parent, Teacher, Alumni). GOSchoolTM CMS provides a secure unified access point in the form of a web-based user interface, and is designed to aggregate and personalize information through application-specific portlets. One hallmark of Education enterprise portals to decentralized content contribution and content management, which keeps the information always updated from across your stakeholders.

GOSchoolTM CMS Salient Features

  1. Dynamic Webpage
  2. Notice Board & News Update
  3. Photo Gallery
  4. Online Exam Results
  5. Bulk SMS Integration*
  6. Examination Question Bank

GOSchoolTM - Mobile App

GOSchoolTM Mobile App, the fully compatible Android Mobile App is designed to address the modern challenging environment of the management, parents, teachers etc. This App enables the parents to monitor the activities and performances of the students with ease and promotes efficient parent-teacher interaction.

  1. Mobile app for Students
    Allows students to access their academics and progress details in a smooth and systematic manner
  2. Mobile app for Parents
    Enables parents to access all information pertaining to their wards and also to communicate with school autjorities
  3. Mobile App for Admin
    Efficiently manage school administration procedures of all kinds without any hassles
  4. Mobile App for Principal
    Has all the privileges of admin and can monitor and access data of the entire School
  5. Mobile app for Management
    The management can either check or encourage the activities of the other users at anytime
  6. Mobile App for Teachers
    Access to the complete profile of each student with privileges to enter assignments, academic scores, attendance etc.

GOSchoolTM - Integration

KokSamLai Solutions also provide hardware and third party integration with GOSchoolTM Plattform. GOSchoolTM's applications and services can be integrated hardware and third party applications

  1. SMS & Email integration
    GOSchoolTM ERP Modules can be integrated with SMS and Email for notification.
  2. Biometric integration
    GOSchoolTM ERP Modules (Staff and Sudent Attendnace Management) can be integrated with Biometric device
  3. *Payment Gateway
    To make ease of fee payment, Payment Gateway Integration can be applied with GOSchoolTM Erp fee modules.
  4. *IP Camera Integration
    *GOSchoolTM ERP app can be integrted with IP Camera, where parent can view thier ward classes

* Term and Condition Applied