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Ajad English School Meitram

Yumnam Rupendra Singh
Principal Ajad English School, Meitram Makha

GoSchool is an easy to use and has simplified all the time consuming and complex problem found by the clerical staff as well as management of the committees. The school authority also appreciates your software company for using archai script (Kok Sam Lai) as it brand name with hope of developing more useful software. The school feel proud of your company for being a pioneer software company for its uniqueness.


Lairekyengbam Rajiv Roy
Management Committee / Lecturer – ISOR, Canchipur

Being the first userof such an operational system of school management through an advanced programming created by our hard working and innovative programmers of Kok Sam Lai, Imphal, Manipur,

we are very happy to express our satisfaction to use such an advanced system in the management of both scholastic and non-scholastic areas of students as well as office staff, as it is an it is an easy and user friendly system.

Rightnow without the help of GOSchool, our activities in managing the school system become impossible.
May God bless Kok Sam Lai to create more and more advanced programmes from our soil.

Uukrul Central School

L. Robert Meitei

Ukhrul Central School

The Managing Board and Administrators of Ukhrul Central School, UKhrul-Manipur are pleased to announce that the School Information Management System (SIMS) called “GOSchool” meant for School Admin and “GOSchool Apps” for both parents and teachers, developed by KOK SAM LAI Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Thangmeiband-Imphal-Manipur is the best School Management System.
The school has been using this system (GOSchool) since 2018.
Few positive feedbacks towards this School Management System from the School:
1. It helps the school in keeping all the informations safe since it is being CLOUD.
2. It helps the school in the management of Admission, Fees Collection, Fee report, Attendance of students and staffs, student’s  assignments, examination, exam result through online     communication with parents and school authority etc.
3. Its helps to developing certificates, Report card (Sessional & Periodical), exam admits cards etc.
4. The supports rendered from the Company is outstanding. It provides support irrespective of many holidays, day or night or even the Company’s non-working days.
5. It is worth mentioning the role taken by this School Management System during the COVID PANDEMIC.
6. It provides room for any updates/changing (add/remove) in the features being provided in the system for which the Company deserves highest appreciation.
7. All the features provided in the system are up to our satisfaction.

Moreover, the support and services rendered by the Staff of KOK SAM LAI Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Thangmeiband-Imphal-Manipur is quite commendable.

KTL Excel Hr Sec


Headmistress I

The School Management of KTL Excel Hr Sec  School, Ukhrul, is pleases to declare ‘GOSchool ‘ developed by Kok Sam Lai Solutions Pvt. Ltd, Thangmeiband , Imphal, Manipur as one of the best applications in Manipur and simplifies the school management system.
The School has been using ‘GOSchool’ from 2018 till date without facing any problem. This school management system is a simple technology solution helping our school in every aspects of management regarding admissions, collection of fees, attendance of students, assignments, examinations, development of certificates, report cards, assist in various discipline etc. So, far it has given our school a management experience.
Moreover, the support and services rendered by the staff of Kok Sam Lai Solutions Pvt. Ltd, Thangmeiband, Imphal, Manipur is great.
‘GOSchool’ has made the tasks of the school easy and less time consuming.
‘GOSchool’ is one of the best of its kind in Manipur.


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